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Arrow Hero : the game

Arrow Hero is a free minimalist addictive game created by the French developer Jérémy Graziani in July 2015 and hosted on GitHub.

This game is based on the mechanics at the heart of games like Guitar Hero (or Dance Dance Revolution), but using keyboard arrows instead of guitar and matching a flow of coloured arrows images instead of music notes.

Play to the game Arrow Hero

Like many other addictive games, the Arrow Hero game principle is very simple.

You need to match the icons of an infinite flow of coloured arrows (blue, green, yellow and red) with corresponding keystrokes: right arrow key for the blue, left arrow for the green, down arrow for the yellow and up arrow for the red color.

When you hit an arrow key, the corresponding icon remains at the top of the game area, to match the corresponding icons in the flow when they reach it.

To increase the game difficulty, the arrows speed in the flow increases when you match them successfully.

To win this game, it depends on you... As the game's creator says : « You win when you manage to make a score you are proud of » !

Tips & tricks for Arrow Hero

As we said, the matching area is at the top of the game area. The icon displayed in this matching area must be the same as the icon in the flow when it reaches it.

This means that when you have consecutive arrows of the same color / direction in the flow, you only have to hit the corresponding arrow key only one time in order match them all, but you will need to change it before a different arrow icon of the flow reach it.

This also means that you have to hit the arrow keys at the right time to match them: too early (when the arrow icon is at the left part of the flow) and you will have other icons on the flow not already matched... too late (when the arrow icon is at the right part of the flow) and you will not have enough time to hit the corresponding arrow key!

About this website

The goal of this website is to provide this game in several languages, giving to players like you the opportunity to better understand the game rules and to find it more easily on search websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The original game is included « as is » in this webpage, without any modification, in an « iframe » HTML element. So you're really playing to the official game version!


You can play the original game version by its authors here: