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Kuku Kube : the game

Kuku Kube is a free browser game to test your eyesight, developed by the network365 Canadian team. This game went viral on internet at the beginning of year 2015.

It is probably based on the Kuku Kube original game, adding to it some levels to increase progressively the difficulty of the game.

According to the game creators, in level 1:

The Kuku Kube game is designed to evaluate the quality of your color vision. However, keep in mind that this is more a game than a medical test, and it will NOT replace a doctor's visit!!

Kuku Kube is also available as mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Play to the game Kuku Kube

In Kuku Kube, the goal is to find in a grid the coloured square that is different than the other ones. The different square is a little bit lighter than the others.

After clicking the correct square, the grid becomes bigger: from 4 up to 81 squares. You have one minute to make the highest score you can!

In this game version, you can unlock levels that increase the difficulty, with blurred or moving squares for example.

Tips & tricks for Kuku Kube

Your screen contrast and luminosity can helps you to find the different square more easily.

Don't try to look at each square individually... it is generally better to watch the whole grid: the square should reveal to you faster!

About this website

The goal of this website is to provide this game in several languages, giving to players like you the opportunity to better understand the game rules and to find it more easily on search websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The original game is included « as is » in this webpage, without any modification, in an « iframe » HTML element. So you're really playing to the official game version!


You can play the original game version by its authors here: