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Wordle : the game

Wordle is an online word game created by Josh Wardle, an american software engineer from Brooklyn (New York).

He created this word game in 2019 as a hobby during COVID-19 pandemic, as a way to occupy itself during confinement as he was not able to go outside.

The Wordle game name is a mix between the « word » and « puzzle » words.

It became famous in January 2022, thanks to social networks, when millions of people started to plays to it.

People likes it because it only takes a few minutes to play it each day, and people have fun to share their results with friends and family.

Play to the game Wordle

The goal of the game is to find a 5 letters word with 6 maximum tries.

There is only one word to find per day, and a new word can be found every day.

At the beginning, only one letter is displayed on the five letters row. The player type a 5 letter word that can match.

Then, each correctly positionned letter appears in green, and letters present in the word to guess but not correctly positionned appears in yellow, giving tips to guess the correct word on the next try.

If you guess the word before the sixth try, you win!

About this website

The goal of this website is to provide this game in several languages, giving to players like you the opportunity to better understand the game rules and to find it more easily on search websites like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The original game is included « as is » in this webpage, without any modification, in an « iframe » HTML element. So you're really playing to the official game version!


You can play the original game version by its authors here: